MegaFlirt.com Is Still Scamming People, Browse Our Changed 2019 Evaluation |

  • Freilla Espinola
  • June 20, 2024

MegaFlirt.com Still Is Scamming Folks, Browse Your Changed 2019 Assessment |

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  • Has MegaFlirt.com Altered Their Particular Methods Or Will They Be Still Scamming Individuals?

Provides MegaFlirt.com Changed Their Ways Or Will They Be Nevertheless Scamming People?

This is certainly a followup video to a
review we did on MegaFlirt.com
. What we concluded was actually that MegaFlirt had been indeed a fraud, it’s not real and it also never had been. Several of that data is located close to the front web page of their site where they declare to utilizing computer-generated virtual users, and that is essentially a fake profile. Right back on December 31st we performed an evaluation and now we explained in crystal cClear information precisely why your website is actually fake and exactly why its a fraud, exactly why it isn’t genuine and now we actually even show certain artificial users and in which the fake pages are listed on some other web sites. We talk about how they make use of a computer-generated users, computerized robot products and so forth. Should you want to be aware of the fact about super Flirt being a scam and just why it’s still a scam 2 yrs later on then merely
click on the link
. Our very own substantial analysis offers piece by piece proof revealing you why the website’s a fraud. We wished to deliver light to this internet site again since it is nonetheless operating over a year-and-a-half so thereis no law enforcement officials taking a look at all of them! Nothing features happended to your owners and they are still creating thousands, maybe even perhaps millions ripping folks off.

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  • Gerry Gaumond


    Megaflirt. Com charge  me personally a couple of months

    Wen I buy 1 several months

  • Gary


    Yeah a scam….if you want to determine if it really is a scam key in a tremendously small town and see if the readily available women outnumber the population!

    • Alan


      I type during my town and it shows about 38 ladies but discover only 20 residences and that I you should not understand any of the ladies

  • Doug Olivieri


    All out-of-the-US organizations ( running offshore obtaining rich) tend to be scamming online dating sites of all sorts. This website is one of them. FTC is certainly not blocking them.

  • Greg Bohm


    Even worse than a scam! If the scammer/s operating this website had been in western Virginia, US…would be feed for pets. Simple to conceal behind internet. Put on display your face. I believe website should sometimes keep track of for trash like this and step-on the cockroaches that use it.

  • Mike Lapin


    Exactly what a fraud. Girls say the same crap. Are they this all shitty?

  • Nicky


    Has actually this website made use of men and women genuine photos from same area to manufacture a profile? I came across someone i understand on it and additionally they mentioned they didn’t result in the profile

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    • Freilla Espinola
    • June 20, 2024