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May 16 2023
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Film USA at Cannes 2023

Stay Tuned! Film USA will be returning to the Cannes Film Festival 2023.


May 18 2022
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Film USA at Cannes Film Festival 2022

Film USA launched at Cannes 2022 with an exciting line up of panels, parties, and more.

We will be back for Cannes 2023!!

Panels: Film Commissions, How They Can Help You as a Filmmaker

Writing Scripts that Sell

The Art and Science of Pitching

Pitch Fest

Filmmaking in Louisiana:  Everything You Need to Know About the Louisiana Filmmaking Landscape

The Truth On How To Get Your Movie Made in 2022 and Beyond

Finance & Distribution: It’s not “Show-art,” it’s show business!

Entertainment Law, Ask the Lawyer

Olsberg SPI / Demonstrating the value of public investment in the screen production sector.

Navigating Film Festivals

Pitch Fest II