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About Film USA

Once upon a time (in 2021), two USA film commissioners traveled to a faraway land (actually, just a flight away - to southern France) to spread the word of their great realms (well, to market their regions to film industry professionals)... And after days of fruitful but spread-out meeting spaces and dying cell batteries, the two sat down to some wine, cheese, and problem-solving conversions. That is where Film USA was born.

Let's start from the beginning... The Cannes Film Festival is the most famous of all, and the business counterpart to the festival is the Marché du Film - the world's largest film market which attacts more than 12,500 industry professionals from around the globe. Inside the Marché is the Village International, a desginated space for regional film institutions from all over the world to market their area. In lovely white pavilions lining the beach and port, more than 80 countries are represented by their film commissions. But there is one country that is notably absent in film commission representation... the USA.

Why? Well, the country has hundreds of film commissions and for one to host a pavilion is very costly. So, what if there was one pavilion open to all USA film commissions to use? That is where Film USA comes in.

The Film USA pavilion will serve as a home base for all USA film commissioners for the duration of the festival and market. The Film USA pavilion is where USA film commissioners can hold meetings, charge devices, and have a workspace. There will also be panels and events where people can learn and network. Further, USA film commissioner will have the opportunity to host events at the Film USA pavilion for a fraction of the cost. Film USA, an alliance of USA Film Commissioners dedicated to networking and education.

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Meet The Team

Team Member

Favorite movie soundtrack,
The Last of the Mohicans.

Film she could watch anytime,
The African Queen.


Film Commissioner, Baton Rouge, LA

Team Member

Favorite movie of all time,
Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Favorite movie quote,
"I am serious, and don't call me Shirley."


Film Commissioner, St. Pete-Clearwater, FL

Team Member

Favorite movie of all time,
Blade Runner

Favorite movie quote,
"I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and I'm all out of bubblegum."


Creative Director, Film USA


Why Film USA

Film USA creates a home for all USA film commissioners at the Cannes Film Festival. More than that, the Film USA pavilion is here to also work with all USA film companies, film festivals, film schools and more to ensure the USA has a strong marketing presence at the world's largest film market. Are you part of the film industry in the USA and you want to market in Cannes? Get in touch!

Customized Events

At the Cannes Film Festival

The opportunity for USA film industry entities to host customized events at
the Cannes Film Festival at a fraction
of the cost.

A Special
Meeting Place

For all USA Film Commissioners

A special meeting space for all USA film commissioners and industry

A Special

For all USA Film Commissioners

A platform for all US film commissions to market their region to a diverse international audience.


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  • Baton Rouge, LA.
    St. Pete-Clearwater, FL